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Daily planting series - Coconut peel can help the plants cross their first year!

I mentioned yesterday that my nursery is almost always full. I strongly argue for farmers to have their personal nursery, atleast of some small scale (I also wish every one in the world does farming, so effectively everyone in the world should have a nursery!). 
Last September I had visited Lalbagh Bangalore. It was the flowering/fruiting time for a tree erstwhile unknown for me. The name was present in the name plate, it read ‘Castanospermum Australe’(Castanospermum - from two words, castanea Latin for chestnut and spermum Greek for seeded. australe - Latin for southern, here referring to the southern hemisphere.), one of the large leguminous trees (in Fabaceae). I collected the impressive sized seeds which I got back as souvenir. I have around 4-5 grownup plants in the nursery waiting to be planted.

Coconut peel for moisture retention I had a pit ready dug 2 years back by JCB. I had to just remove the soil out using a ‘Hoe’(ಹಾರೆ/ಕೊಟ್ಟು). I have seen impressive results earlier by fillin…

Daily planting series - some rare bamboos

Planting is an emotional and practical pressure from within. Emotional because I can’t resist planting during this beautiful monsoon. Practical because my nursery is full, plants there are anxiously waiting for their turn to settle on ground. I can conveniently use buzz phrases like ’30 day planting challenge’ in this Facebook era, which communicate a meaning easily since others here understand such phrases. I am not too fond of those slightly urbane sounding phrases simply because planting, harvesting, milking, growing and eating farm fresh items are part of every day routine in a homestead living system. But I would still use the coin that circulates!. It does no harm than some 'romanticisation'  of what we do, and after all 'romanticism' is the most urgently needed emotion in agriculture.


We visited Uravu bamboo society last summer. There is a beautiful collection of around 45 bamboo species in their nursery and a nice PDF catalogue of what they have too, which t…