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Half a decade of living with immortals

It is uniquely beneficial to live with others who have longer lifespan. Consider a group of retired aged old men. Out of these some  would have better health and longer life span. While others in the group would die due to age, these guys with long life span will survive for a few more years. Effectively the people who passed away would have gone while they still have their walking-mates, their friends around them; lucky of them! 
Above example was just to give a perspective of what it is like to live with a tree.

Trees appear to grow forever and let us see their grandeur grow with time. I am lucky to have made them join my life, so that I will have my mates until my end, for sure.
Life of trees is as eventful as ours or more, just that it is spread over a much longer lifespan. For a tree of 1000 years lifespan, 1 year in its life is like how 1 month will be in our life.
I have closely lived with around 250 potential trees for 5 human years, which are n